Privacy policy

The website is intended to present the services of Školjić d.o.o. for hospitality, tourism and trade, Uvala Lovišća 1B , 22240 Tisno (hereinafter: Školjić d.o.o.)


Personal data - purpose of collection and processing

Official website of Školjić d.o.o. does not collect personal data.

Internet addresses

Internet (IP) addresses of visitors are used exclusively for creating statistical reports through the Google Analytics service. Školjić d.o.o. the IP address cannot uniquely identify the visitor.



For the purposes of creating and monitoring visitor statistics, this site uses cookies - small files that are saved on the visitor's computer to help customize the user experience.



Service providers that include access to personal data provided for use, Školjić d.o.o. makes selections based on risk assessment and requires an appropriate level of protection of personal data from each third party that gains access to such data.



Additional information about the protection of personal data and the privacy policy of Školjić d.o.o. you can request at  , and you can contact the same address to fulfill your rights to privacy and protection of personal dana