Our team

At Jezera Lovišća, the customer is always first. In receiving guests, providing accommodation, meals, entertainment and a host of other tourism facilities, we represent a set of activities that match the needs and desires of our guests. As a strong team of experienced dedicated tourism professionals who take care of all aspects of the Jezera Lovišća, our vision is to provide kindness, courtesy, customer service professionalism and a timely response to the needs and desires of guests.
The staff team of the Jezera Village Holiday Resort consists of 22 permanent employees and a seasonal workforce of an additional 30 team members from Jezera and the surrounding area. Each employee is ready at hand to confidently assist our guest at any time including the providing information and assistance at the reception desk . The best evidence of our successful teamwork is the continued smooth clockwork running of the campsite, as well as the rooms, apartments and the marina. However, by far the greatest acknowledgment of the good work of our staff is from our long-time guests who continue to regularly return to the resort and the island of Murter – some for more than 25 years.
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About us

The company ŠKOLJIĆ d.o.o. was founded back in 1968. The first activity was catching and selling fish. The first phase of construction of the Lovišća autocamp started in 1970. The second phase of the construction of Lovišća Camp starts in 1982. (Attachment construction permit from 1982) The main road through the island of Murter passed through the camp and hindered the safety of the guests.

It is important to note that Školjić d.o.o. purchased land for the construction of a bypass, in order to move the main road from the camp. There was a water shortage regularly every day. Školjić d.o.o. participated in the financing of the water reservoir, which enabled the uninterrupted flow of water both for the guests of the camp and for the residents of Jezera. Likewise, problems with poor infrastructure, especially the electrical network, were part of everyday life. With the construction of a new substation in Lovišća camp, that problem was also solved. The third phase of construction of the expansion of the Lovišća camp began in 1989, (building permit attached) and was completed in 1990, when the Homeland War began. stayed in the apartments until the end of the war.

The apartments were renovated and returned to their original state with their own funds, loans and employees. All these years, they carried newspapers with which the company adapted and developed. Danas Školjić d.o.o. there are 20 full-time employees and 80 seasonal employees, who return to us every year, which says a lot about the relationships and satisfaction within the company itself.
Because people are the strength and driving force of society, and people are the key to success!

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1. In the area of Šibenik - Knin County, there are more than 2,450 km of well-maintained bicycle paths, which satisfy even the most demanding cycling appetites thanks to their variety.

There are ten easy and medium-difficult bike paths of different lengths connecting the island of Murter and the mainland part of the Municipality of Tisno, six of which are on the island of Murter.
You can find a list of routes on the island of Murter at the link Cycling trails on the island of Murter
You can check the list of all routes in the county on the Šibenik-Knin County Bicycle Paths page.

2. Explore the sparkling calm bays and beautiful secluded islets, sail through the beautiful lush archipelago..
The Sea of Murter is surrounded by the pearls of Kornati National Park (320 km2), the most extensive island system of the Adriatic Sea with almost 150 islands, islets and cliffs, as well as the famous Sibenik islands of Žirje, Kakan and Kaprije and Tetovišnjaci - a group of five islands and one cliff.

3. Among the events, we should mention the Lake Days of the Sea in July and August, which include manifestations such as evenings of folklore groups and klapa, fishermen's festivals, tasting of sweets and fig drinks, evenings of poetry, competitions in old skills and sports. At the end of September, Jezera is also the venue international sport fishing competition Big Game Fishing.

Diving around the islands of Murter, Kapri and Žirje offers a wonderful experience thanks to the variety of flora and fauna.
Everyone can find something for themselves because the Murter archipelago offers a number of possibilities.
Beginners in diving can gather their first experiences in sheltered bays, finding octopuses is almost mandatory, and playful organisms are often found already at a depth of 6 to 10 meters.
Experienced divers can explore magnificent underwater rocks from 20 to 40 meters deep, and for ambitious technical divers, the Murter Archipelago hides wrecks of warships at depths of up to 60 meters.

5. Vrana Lake Nature Park is a unique wetland area on the Croatian coast. The greatest value from the point of view of biological diversity is given to it by the extensive reed beds and narrow strip of floodplain grasslands that extend over the territory of the ornithological reserve, and are important habitats for birds. A total of 234 species of birds have been recorded, of which 102 species nest in the Park area, therefore this area is of international importance as a resting place and feeding ground for migratory birds. According to some estimates, 20,000 migratory birds stay in the Autumn Migration Park every day, and sometimes this number even rises to 400,000!

6. Don't miss dancing and having fun at the Love International Festival, a famous dance music festival at the Garden Resort in Tisno.
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House rules

Dear guests!

We are extremely pleased to welcome you to our and your Camp Jezera Lovišća! We will do our best to ensure you a pleasant and carefree stay with quality service, reception service and other services and staff.

Guests of Jezera Lovišća Camp are obliged to comply with house rules and rules of conduct during their stay, taking care of the peace and safety of all camp guests and taking care of camp property.
Guest check-in at the Camp starts at 7:00 a.m. for guests at campsites, from 12:00 p.m. for guests on pitches and from 5:00 p.m. for guests in mobile homes. Check-out of guests who stayed on vacant campsites is done no later than 1:00 p.m., for guests from pitches until 12:00 p.m., and for guests who used mobile homes until 10:00 a.m. For all check-outs after the stated deadlines, one more day of stay will be charged, but without the right to use the accommodation.

Guests can pay for the services used on the day of departure or every day no later than 10:00 p.m. In order to avoid crowds, or in case of early departure, guests are recommended to make the payment the day before the intended departure.

During their stay in the Camp, guests are required to have with them the application form that they received when registering at the reception, and show it at the request of the Camp staff.

Only guests registered at the reception can be accommodated in the Camp. All persons that are find in the camp and are not registered as guests will be removed from the camp and will be charged a fine.

Entry and exit from the Camp, as well as driving by personal or any other motor vehicles within the Camp is possible only between 07:00 and 23:00.

Entry to the Camp by personal or any other motor vehicles is possible only by using the card that the guests received during check-in at the reception. Any misuse of the card will be sanctioned and guests will be removed from the Camp.

The maximum allowed speed for vehicles around the Camp is 15 km/h. Pedestrians have priority over all vehicles. PAY ATTENTION TO THE CHILDREN!

Guests are obliged to take care of the cleanliness of all the spaces they use. Garbage must be disposed of only in the designated bins and containers placed in the Camp. Guests are obliged to leave the sanitary facilities behind in orderly condition.

Water is drinkable in all parts of the Camp. We ask guests to use water conscientiously and in moderation.

It is not allowed to wash dishes or laundry in places that are not intended for this.
It is not allowed to wash vehicles, trailers or boats anywhere inside the Camp, except for washing boats at the mooring.

During their stay, guests are not allowed to make noise (using radios, televisions, musical instruments, etc.), and disturb other guests by talking loudly, shouting, banging or in any other way, at any time of the day/night. All guests who in any way disturb or interfere with the pleasant stay and rest of other guests, or in any way damage the property of the Camp or other guests, may be removed from the Camp by the Camp staff, and charged for the stay and all possible damage.

Complete peace and quiet in the Camp is mandatory from 24:00 to 07:00.

It is not allowed to stay, gather or spend the night on the beach after midnight.

It is forbidden to damage trees and other greenery in any way, to take gravel from the beach, to fence off the area where you are staying, and to carry out any work on the plot or camping sites, because the opposing guest will be charged for all the damage caused by this, and the staff reserves the right in that case to deny the guest a further stay in the Camp and charge a fine.

It is PROHIBITED to light a fire, which includes any open flame (eg a candle) anywhere inside the Camp. Only gas or electric grills are allowed in mobile homes and pitches.

It is PROHIBITED to ride boats, pedal boats, jet skis, and all other vessels within the swimming zone.

People who visit friends or family who are guests of the Camp must leave their vehicles in the parking lot outside the Camp and register at the reception. Visits are allowed in the period from 08:00 to 21:00, for a maximum of 2 hours, and if the visitor extends the duration of his visit for more than 2 hours, he is obliged to pay a daily ticket in the amount of HRK 50.00 when leaving.

If they find left, lost or forgotten items, guests can hand them in at the reception. Guests can store their valuables (jewelry, money, etc.) in the safe located at the info point.

ŠKOLJIĆ d.o.o. does not assume responsibility for possible theft, damage or loss of the guest's property. Liability for damage caused by force majeure is also excluded, so guests are recommended to insure their property.

For guests of the apartment, all the above rules apply, as well as the rules below:

Guests can check in to the apartments from 4:00 p.m., and check out no later than 9:00 a.m
towels are changed twice a week, and bed linen once a week.
apartment inventory is not allowed to be taken to the beach.
during your absence from the apartment, for safety reasons, lock and close the windows.
before leaving and checking out of the apartment, leave the dishes clean.

All guests who do not comply with any provision of these house rules, and in any other way disrupt or disturb the operation of the Camp, other guests as well as endanger the property of others, will have their stay and accommodation service in the Camp canceled, and the staff will remove them from the Camp, and to charge them for any resulting damage.

All remarks and complaints can be sent by Camp guests exclusively to:
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Camp plan

Rules for all owners of boats

Welcome to the Jezera Lovišća Resort for camping and apartments! As a boat owner, you have the opportunity of using this area for your vessel along the pier.
During your stay at our holiday resort, we kindly ask you to strictly fully respect the rules and regulations for all guests staying at the campsite or apartments: All motor boats in our marina are permitted at a speed up to 5 knots. This also applies to dinghies. Gliding, skating and skiing is prohibited within the marinas.

This provision applies in particular to marinas with a pier such as ours. In accordance with the regulations, sailing boats must be more than 250 yards away from the coast, and for other vessels, more than 150 m. All vessels may exceed the specific marked area for swimmers. This also applies to boats and surfers. Anchoring is prohibited. Please note that all vessels shall comply with the current regulations. Also please ensure that trailers are parked in the intended parking space provided for them, in order to reduce congestion and unblock other areas of the campsite.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay in the Jezera Lovišća Resort for camping and apartments hoping you will feel good staying with us.
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