Our team

At Jezera Lovišća, the customer is always first. In receiving guests, providing accommodation, meals, entertainment and a host of other tourism facilities, we represent a set of activities that match the needs and desires of our guests. As a strong team of experienced dedicated tourism professionals who take care of all aspects of the Jezera Lovišća, our vision is to provide kindness, courtesy, customer service professionalism and a timely response to the needs and desires of guests.
The staff team of the Jezera Village Holiday Resort consists of 22 permanent employees and a seasonal workforce of an additional 30 team members from Jezera and the surrounding area. Each employee is ready at hand to confidently assist our guest at any time including the providing information and assistance at the reception desk . The best evidence of our successful teamwork is the continued smooth clockwork running of the campsite, as well as the rooms, apartments and the marina. However, by far the greatest acknowledgment of the good work of our staff is from our long-time guests who continue to regularly return to the resort and the island of Murter – some for more than 25 years.