Statement on data protection on the website

Statement on data protection on the website

Školjić d.o.o. company for catering, tourism and trade, Uvala Lovišća 1B , 22240 Tisno (hereinafter: Školjić d.o.o.) respects the privacy of visitors to its website and hereby gives its statement on the protection of data confidentiality on its official and only website. This statement applies only to the functioning of the website owned by Školjić d.o.o. namely the one that provides a direct link to this statement when you click on "Data Protection Statement" at the foot of the website. The collection, storage and transfer of personal data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation) and the Law on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (Official Gazette 42/2018), which regulate the protection of personal data, their transfer and prevention of unauthorized access and use of personal data .

Processing and collection of personal data
By using the Website, we may collect information that does not identify you ("Other Information"), such as the date and time of your visit to the Website, your movement around the Website, as well as information about your browser. We do not connect these other data in any form with your personal data. This "other data" can be used and stored by the company Školjić d.o.o. or by its representatives, contracting parties or business partners. Other information we collect may include your IP address (a number used to identify your computer on the Internet) and other information that may be collected through our web logs, cookies, or other means as explained below. We use "other data" to administer and update our website as well as for day-to-day business activities. Školjić d.o.o. reserves the right to maintain, update, disclose or otherwise use "other data" without limitation. All collected data will be stored and processed for the duration that will be necessary for the functioning of the website, but not longer than 2 years.

This website may use technology called cookies. A cookie is a piece of data that our "webserver" sends to your computer (actually, to your browser's "file") when you access a website. Please note that restricting the use of cookies may affect the experience you will have as a visitor and may make this (or other) site unavailable to you. We can use the following types of cookies on the website:

Google Analytics
Our web server will install a cookie on your device to help the accuracy of the statistical program called "Google Analytics". While a user profile can be created based on the user's browsing habits on the basis of this cookie, the cookie itself does not contain personal data. We use these profiles to establish a common pattern of movement of our users around the pages, which helps us to maintain and improve the service we provide to you. This cookie will remain on your computer indefinitely, even after you leave our site.
"Session Cookies" - individual visit
By using our site through subpages, it is sometimes necessary to remember your technical data. We use this data in many ways to improve the user experience. This tool does not contain any personally identifiable information and lasts as long as you are currently on the website.

Third-party cookies on our website
Školjić d.o.o. does not allow third parties to set cookies on your computer through our website, unless cookies are set at our request. In that case, they are then under our direct control. In that case, a third party cannot access them except in the manner described in this Statement.

Rejection and/or control of cookies
Most of this site will still be visible to you even if you choose not to allow cookies to be placed on your computer, however certain functions will not be available. There are various ways to view and delete cookies that have been placed on your device, depending on the browser you use. Please consult your browser to learn more.

IP addresses
This website collects and uses Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. An IP address is a number assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider so that you can access the Internet. In general, the IP address changes every time you connect to the Internet (it is a "dynamic" address). However, if you have connected via broadband, depending on your individual circumstances, it is possible that your IP address that we collect, or even the cookies we use, may contain information that can be considered identifying. This is because some broadband connections do not change your IP address (they are "static") and it may be associated with your PC. We use your IP address to record aggregate usage data and to improve the website.

International transfers
Školjić d.o.o. websites are "hosted" by the provider of such a service in a hosting center. This means that all data collected through this website is automatically forwarded to the respective hosting centers for maintenance.

You should be aware that this site is not intended for, or designed to attract, persons under the age of 18.
Links to other sites
Our website may contain links to a number of sites that we believe may offer useful information. The policies and procedures described here do not apply to the respective pages. We suggest that you contact the respective sites directly to obtain information about their privacy, security, data collection and distribution policies. Školjić d.o.o. disclaims responsibility for any actions or content of such third party sites.

Individual rights
Based on your request, we will allow insight into the method of collecting personal data related to your personal data, inform you about whether we keep your personal data and which of your personal data we have stored, and allow you to copy and duplicate them. We will provide a printout of your personal data that is stored based on the collection of personal data and provide you with a list of users to whom your personal data was forwarded, when it was forwarded, on what basis and for what purpose. We will make available to you information on the sources, methods and reasons for data processing, as well as on technical procedures regarding the processing of personal data. At your request, we will complete, correct, block or delete personal data relating to you if the data is incomplete, inaccurate, out of date or if it has been processed contrary to regulations. After receiving your request, we will inform all users of personal data to whom we have provided the relevant data about such addition, correction, blocking or deletion. At your request, at any time, temporarily or permanently, we will stop collecting, processing and using your personal data for the above purposes.
Consent to the above-mentioned conditions of collection and processing of "other data"
You are aware that the processing and collection of "other data" by Školjić d.o.o. voluntary. By using the website, you accept this statement of consent to the collection and processing of your "other data" and thereby give your consent to the collection and processing of the same in accordance with this statement. If you do not agree with this statement, please stop using Školjić d.o.o. immediately. website .

Changes to this Privacy Statement on the website
We may update this Website Privacy Statement from time to time. When we refresh it, we will make the refreshed version available on this page for your benefit. We will announce a change to this Statement on this website 30 days before the new Statement becomes effective.