About us

The company ŠKOLJIĆ d.o.o. was founded back in 1968. The first activity was catching and selling fish. The first phase of construction of the Lovišća autocamp started in 1970. The second phase of the construction of Lovišća Camp starts in 1982. (Attachment construction permit from 1982) The main road through the island of Murter passed through the camp and hindered the safety of the guests.

It is important to note that Školjić d.o.o. purchased land for the construction of a bypass, in order to move the main road from the camp. There was a water shortage regularly every day. Školjić d.o.o. participated in the financing of the water reservoir, which enabled the uninterrupted flow of water both for the guests of the camp and for the residents of Jezera. Likewise, problems with poor infrastructure, especially the electrical network, were part of everyday life. With the construction of a new substation in Lovišća camp, that problem was also solved. The third phase of construction of the expansion of the Lovišća camp began in 1989, (building permit attached) and was completed in 1990, when the Homeland War began. stayed in the apartments until the end of the war.

The apartments were renovated and returned to their original state with their own funds, loans and employees. All these years, they carried newspapers with which the company adapted and developed. Danas Školjić d.o.o. there are 20 full-time employees and 80 seasonal employees, who return to us every year, which says a lot about the relationships and satisfaction within the company itself.
Because people are the strength and driving force of society, and people are the key to success!