Camping - Camping pitches

Camping in Croatia has become more luxurious than ever. Regardless of the globally high quality, camp prices are certainly among the more favourable within the Mediterranean. Camping in Dalmatia means camping with clear water along the indented coastline with numerous islands, islets, coves and bays supported by impressive backdrops with high mountains.

Camping at the Camp Jezera Lovišća offers a genuine Mediterranean experience, views of the sea, a quiet wilderness and the aromatic scent of the surrounding trees and greenery. This unique structure of the camping pitches terraced terrain attracts all types of campers (those with motorhomes, trailers or tents). Due to the long coast the majority of the camping pitches are positioned on the seafront.
The Lovišće Bay, where the resort is situated provides a natural shelter against strong winds and currents. The bay has one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Murter just a few steps away from your camping pitch. The plots are extremely rich in vegetation with nearly 90% of natural forested land with an indigenous species of pine, olive and oak.